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Bread Baking Machines & Equipments

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Standard Rotating Oven

FK 100 Multi - Deck Oven

   Fethil Co. Ltd. manufactures bakery ovens in three separate sizes and capacities enabling you to get the best results in the baking of flour products and to have an oven capacity that is in line with your needs.
  The heat produced in the oil-fired burner unit (gas-fired models are also available) is fan-circulated to the  baking oven (forced circulation is achieved).
   In our ovens which are well designed and made f top quality materials, high-power steam, economic baking and good heat insulation are all assured.
  Our easy and practical feed and discharge systems do not require qualified staff.
   Fethil ovens are installed by experienced staff. They have minimum service requirements, are reliable and durable.
     FK-100 Fethil has added a new dimension to its multi-deck ovens. Which have become a classic in their own sphere. This oven is a must praticulary for our colleagues who produce a variety of flour products. It has four seperate decks which provide 10 m of baking space and a capacity of 500 loaves per hour. Its special design makes it superior to its counterparts. There is no need to leave empty spaces at the back and sides.

Standard Rotating Oven

Standard Medium Mini
Width mm 2350 1950 1900
Depth mm 1950 1550 1550
Height mm 2600 2350 2250
Pan dimensions mm 740x980 600x900 590x800
Number of pans 14-18 12-16 11-15
Baking area m 10,5-13,5 6,5-8,5 5,2-7,2
Baking capacity
loaves per hour
700 420 320
Baking time minute 16-18 16-18 16-18
Baking heat  C 260 260 260
Total power cons. KW/h 4 4 2
Oil consumpti.(50 Kg .. lt) 2 2 2
Insulation mm 150 150 150
Weight kg 3250 2500 2000
Min. ceiling height mm 3200 3000 2800

FK-100 Multi-Deck Oven

Number of decks 4
Lenght of deck mm 2100
Width of deck mm 1250
Baking area m 10
Width of oven mm 1825
Depth mm 3250
Height mm 2250
Height between decks mm 220
Total power consumption KW 5
Oil consumption (50 Kg..lt) 2
Baking capacity (loaves/h) 400
Baking time minute 16-18
Baking heat C 260
Weight Kg 4500

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Rotating Oven Pan Carriag

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F-HKT Automatic Dough Dividing and Weighning Machine F-KC Conical Rounder
   The autommatic dough diciding and weighing machine draws the dough from the hopper by means of a vacuum and cuts it by rotation. Thus the dough is never spoiled or compacted.
   Our dough dividing and weighing machine prepares dough potions precut with the desired sensitivity.
   Weight adjustment varies between 150 gr. and 650 gr. capacity adjustment can be achieved desired from 900 to 2500 loaves per hour. We can also manufacture machines of different capacities when desired.
   The piston bearing and cutting drum are plated with hard chrome, thus eliminating hazards such as corrosion and wear.
  Due to the circulatory lubrication system in our machine, in which alimentary oil is used, oil consumption is reduced to a minimum. The soundless running and sensitivity of our machine will be of the best assistance to you in quality bread production.
   Precut and weighed dough is fed into conical rounder through the inlet duct by means of an aluminium drum. It acquires its rounded shape as its is rolled smoothly to the outlet duct. From there it passes to the intermediate proofer. The special channles and the hot air and flour-sprinkling systems prevent the dough from to the machine. The machine's robust construction, compactness and soundless running will be of the greatest assistance to you in your bakery.

Width mm 670
Length mm 1340
Height mm 1500
Cuting weight Gr. 150-650
Capacity Loaves/hour 900-2500
Motor power 1,5 Hp, 90 Rev/min
Weight Kg. 515
Capacity per hour 900-2500
Rounding weight Gr. 300-600
Height mm 1365
Width mm 900
Length mm 1540
Seive agilator motor 1,5 Hp,900 r/m
Heater and air blower 0,15 Hp, 2800 r/m
Heating capacity W 700
Weight Kg. 210


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F-AD Intermediate Proofer Machine F-US Long Roller
   When the dough leaves the conical Rounder it automatically enters the Intermediate Proofer untouched by hand, falling into the baskets of the intermediate proofer. The latter has 304 plastic dough baskets. This is no doubling in this system, which ensures real hygiene and cleanliness. The machine performs a good intermediate proofing lasting 9-12 minutes.
  The position of thedough feed and discharge can be adjusted as desired.
  You may also monitor the process inside the machine through the plexiglass panels.
   This machine is used to give a baton shape to the dough coming out of the intermediate proofer. The dough enters the long roller through the funnel located on top of the machine and is fed into the rolling-out cylinders of the long roller where it is rolled into a flat form in two phases. The dough acquires its baton shape on the left conveyor belt just as if it has been done by hand and the dough on the belt is thinned at each end by tow seperate pressure boards to the standards required by the Turkish bakery trade with various adjustements batons in different shapes can be obtained.

Width mm 2100
Length mm 2750
Height mm 2450
Model L
Number of baskets 304
Motor power 1,5 Hp, 900 Rev/min
Profile time minute 9-12
Weight Kg. 2000
Capacity per hour 900-2500
Weight of each piece 300-600
Height mm 1080
Width mm 760
Length mm 2000
Motor power 1,5 Hp,900 r/m
Number of rollers 4
Weight of conveyor 470 mm
Weight Kg. 245

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F-UE Flour Loosening and Sifting F-HY Dough Kneading Machine
   Our flour loosening and sifting machine remove foreign bodies from flour and loosen it. They are mobile and can easily be wheeled to any part of the dough house. The flour hopper is manufactured in various sizes to contain between two and ten sacks of flour.
   Our sifting machine works soundlessly and is easy to maintain.
   The dough kneading process is realised by the rotation of the Mixer in the stainless steel bowl. ts instigation system is connected with the shaft coming from the reducer, which is mounted on the body of the machine. It can knead a full load of dough or a small amount with the same results. It runs quietly and is extremely durable.
Height mm 1640
Width mm 1140
Depth mm 710
Motor power 1,5 Hp 1400 Rev/min
Weight Kg. 125
The flour tank (sacks of flour) 2
Interior diameter mm 1300
Total width mm 1350
Total Height mm 1750
Depth mm 1200
Motor Power 7,5 Hp
The flour tank
(sacks of flour)

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