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Detailed Machine Lists

  Plastic Machinery Group   Metal Machinery Group
  Packing Machinery Group   Foodstuff Machinery Group
  Paper Processing Machinery Group   Industrial Spare Parts
  Textile Machinery Group   Other Machines & Heavy Industries

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   Plastic Machinery Group   nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Automatic cutting and welding machines

k Bobbin Cutting Machine

k Complete Electrical Cable Lines

k Plastic bag making and knitting Machines

k Plastic Bag cutting Machines

k Plastic ball and balloon Machines

k Plastic Blow Molding Machines

k Plastic Crusher - Mill Machines

k Plastic Extruder Machines for pipes, profiles and cables

k Plastic Film Machines PP / HDPE / LDPE Model 1 & Model 2

k Plastic Film Flexo Printing Machines

k Plastic Injection Molding Machine

k Plastic Injection Blow Moulding Machines

k Plastic moulds

k Plastic Pipe Production Lines

k Plastic Profile Production Lines

k Plastic PVC Mixer Machine Model 1 & Model 2

k Plastic Shoe sole injection Machines

k PP Brush Production Line

k PVC Granule Machine

k Plastic Pipe Fittings Welding Machine

k Sponge production line

k Thermoform plastic sheet and molding Machines


   Metal Machinery Group            nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Automate Tools

k Cable end Cutting Machine

k Cutter Grinding Machines

k Decoiler Machines for Metal sheets, motor powered

k Eccentric presses

k Electro erosion Machines

k Friction Presses

k Glass moulds for all automatic Machines and Manuel Manufacturing

k Gold Jewelry Processing Machines

k Gold Molds

k Hydraulic press brakes

k Hydraulic and mechanical guillotine shears

k Hydraulic Presses

k Industrial springs, reducers and motors, sensitive part (CNC products)

k Jewelry Processing Machines

k Marble processing, cutting and polishing Machines

k Metal aluminum injection Machines

k Metal Band Saw Cutting Machines

k Metal cutting, bending, deep drawing dies & casting Moulds

k Nail production machine

k Painting automatic and manual cabins and enameled ovens

k Perfore Metal Sheet Hole Puncing Machine

k Pneumatic Feeding Units

k Rolling Machines

k Terminal Cable Clips Machine - Press

k Transfer Machines

k Universal Engraving And Copy Milling Machine

k Universal Surface Engraving Machine

k Universal Tool Grinder Machine

   Packing Machinery Group     nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Automatic Perfume Filling and Caping Machine

k Automatic Aerosol Filling and Crimping Machine

k Blisterpack Machine

k Cup Filling Machine

k Filling Labeling Capping Machine

k Flow Pack Packing Machine

k Labeling Machines

k Overwrapping Packing Machine

k Paper Bag Filling Machine

k Rotative Tablet Machine

k Shrink Packing Machine

k Thermoform Packing Machine

k Vertical Packing Machine

k Volumetric Liquid and Solid Filling Machines

k Wet-wipes Full Automatic Line

   Foodstuff Machinery Group    nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Biscuit Hard & Soft Dough Production lines

k Bread making ovens complete line

k Cheese, butter production line

k Chocolate Coating machine and cooling tunnel

k Chocolate Tablets Production Line

k Coffee Roasting Grinding Machine

k Confectionary Candy Production Line

k Cube Sugar processing complete lines

k Cube Sugar Full Automatic Double Wrapping Machine

k Date Fruit Crushing Machine

k Filling, labeling, capping, covers closing machines

k Flour mills

k Olive oil production line

k Macaroni production line

k Milk Production and Packing Line

k Pitting Machine with 8/12 Knives

k Rotative tablet machine

k Stick Cracker And Stick Wafers

k Vinegar Production Line, Filling, Capping and Labeling

k Wafer Plant

k Water, juice, jams complete preparing, filling and finishing Machines

   Paper Processing Machinery Group   nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Box Wipe Machine

k Napkin Machine

k Paper Bobbin Machine

k Paper Printing Machine

k Refreshment Wipe Machine

k Toilet paper & Towel Rolling Machine

k Wiping Cloth Folding Machine





   Industrial Spare Parts                  nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Broaching Tools, Rolling Dies, Taps, Thread rolling dies

k Electrical Components
    Electrical Fuse and bases base
    Electrical rotary Cam Switches

k Glass Molds

k Hydraulic Components
    Hydraulic flow-control, lock type and speed control type valves
    Hydraulic cylinders
    Hydraulic gear Pumps

k Material Handling Systems Conveyors

k Pneumatic Components
    Pneumatic Filters, regulators, Lubricators
    Pneumatic Manually and foot operated valves
    Pneumatic Solenoid valves, Air operated valves, Mechanically operated valves
    Pneumatic Auxiliary components
    Pneumatic cylinders and accessories

kRedactors, motor-powered

    Butterfly, globe, check, controlled check, swing check, strainer valves
    Ball valve full and reduced bore
    Gate valves

    Textile Machinery Group             nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Cloth dyeing Machines

k Direct Warping Machines

k Dyeing and Finishing Machines for Elastic Tapes and Ribbons

k Industrial Type Irons and equipment

    Narrow Type Ironing Tables
    Rectangular Ironing Tables
    Combined steam Generator Stain Removing Machine
    Electro-Pneumatic Pressing Machines
    Retouching Ironing Boards
    Machines For Knitted Goods
   Machines for air finishing with steam
k Knitting Machines

k Packing MAchines for Rolling or Spooling tapes, laces or Braids onto spools

k Winding Machine


   Other Machines & Heavy Industries    nav-top.gif (680 bytes)

k Packaged Type Air Conditioners, Panel Type Climate Units

k Water Cooling Towers, with radial fan

k Cold generator, Packaged type cold water producer

k Heavy Industry Machines

k Soap Manufacturing complete lines






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